3 Benefits of Chemical Peels

Chemical PeelsWith so many unique options available at Sterling Aesthetics, it can be hard to decide what skincare option is best for you and your needs. As a great starting point and an even better way to rejuvenate your skin and stimulate collagen, chemical peels are a non-invasive treatment that are worth trying. In fact, they come with more benefits than one. The following article will discuss three benefits associated with chemical peels.

  1. Reduce Sun Spots

As a child you may have been complimented on your lightly freckled face, but as an adult, those once thought of as “cute freckles” slowly turn into dreaded sun spots. If you notice that you have sunspots across your face, then a chemical peel might be the right thing for you. By targeting the top few layers of your skin (where the sunspots lie), the production of new skin is then encouraged— leaving you with the minimal appearance of sunspots. Depending on the severity of your sunspots and the results you are hoping for, you and one of the experts at Sterling Aesthetics can decide on how many chemical peel treatments you will need.

  1. Stimulate Collagen

Who doesn’t want less wrinkles and a more rejuvenated looking complexion? Another great benefit of chemical peels is their ability to stimulate the production of collagen in order to give you the healthiest looking complexion possible— not to mention, the appearance of less wrinkles.

  1. Acne Scarring

Depending on the type and severity of your acne scars, chemical peels can help. For example, if you have surface level scars that haven’t caused any sort of indentation across your face, then a chemical peel will be the right thing for you. As mentioned above, chemical peels work to rid your skin of the top few layers in order to produce newer and healthier skin. During the process of sloughing off old skin, your acne scars can slough off as well.

These are just three of the great benefits of chemical peels. If you are interested in getting a chemical peel or would like to learn more about the procedure and the benefits included, contact Sterling Aesthetics today!

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