3 Myths Regarding Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair RemovalAlthough the internet is a great resource for many things, it is also a great place to be misled. Filled with information regarding different medical and aesthetic treatments that simply aren’t true, the internet can scare people from getting things like laser hair removal done. If you have a load of unwanted hair that you would like to get rid of but are a bit skeptical about getting laser hair removal done because of certain things you have heard, read this article. From “” to “” this article will dispel three common myths associated with laser hair removal.

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Myth: Laser Hair Removal isn’t Safe

It’s important to know exactly what you’re putting in and on your body. And you should do everything you can to make sure you are healthy. However, when it comes to laser hair removal, you aren’t causing your body any harm by having it done. In fact, laser hair removal is a process that has been approved by the FDA as a safe treatment that is safe and effective.

Myth: Laser Won’t Work on Blondes or Redheads

Although this current myth used to be a fact, lasers have come a long way and as long as your hair has pigment— sorry white and grey haired folks— then it will be picked up by the laser and will be able to be removed. If you have blonde hair or red hair, then it may take a bit longer and you may have to undergo several treatments but you will still be able to target it.

Myth: If You Have a Dark Complexion, You Can’t Get Laser Hair Removal

There is an underlying myth regarding individuals with a darker complexion not being able to get laser hair removal done. The fact of the matter is that the darker your skin tone is, the more sessions you will likely have to undergo in order to get the best results possible. Why exactly? Individuals with a darker complexion tend to absorb the laser more than individuals with a light complexion.

Getting laser hair removal from a place like Sterling Aesthetics is both safe and effective. By understanding the difference between myths and facts regarding this procedure, you will be better able to make an educated decision. To schedule an appointment or to learn more, contact Sterling Aesthetics today.

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