3 Ways to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs

Even if you have opted out of shaving and have opted instead for laser hair removal, those pesky ingrown hairs can still invade your body. If you suffer from nasty, painful, and grotesque looking ingrown hairs, they can not only be uncomfortable but embarrassing as well. However, by following these three tips, you can help to get rid of ingrown hairs.

facial scrub

  1. Body or Face Scrub
    Depending on the part of body or face in which you are experiencing in grown hairs, will determine whether you should use a body or face scrub. By using a gentle scrub along the area where you have an ingrown hair, you can help to release the ingrown hair all while exfoliating the area around the ingrown hair itself.
  2. Oil
    Some oils can actually lead to the production of ingrown hairs, however natural body oils such as lemon oil, lavender oil, and other essential oils are good at calming the skin around your ingrown hair and loosening up the area so that the hair will naturally fall out. When using oils on your skin, be sure to be a bit conservative with the amount of oil you are using because a little bit can go a long way. Just be sure that if you notice any sort of irritation caused by the oils that you stop using them immediately.
  3. Exfoliating Gloves
    Found at virtually any health and beauty store or even most drugs store, exfoliating gloves are not only great at ridding your skin of dead cells but at also helping to get rid of ingrown hairs as well. Simply lather your exfoliating gloves with a little bit of water and a gentle soap and work the area of your skin that is suffering from ingrown hairs. This should help to release the ingrown hair, stop the itching, and help you to feel more comfortable again. If if doesn’t work the first time you use it, try using the exfoliating gloves every day for a few days or until you notice that you’re starting to see results.

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