ARIAN URBAN'S combination of medical and intuitive skills have earned her the name The Skin Whisperer.
“A face tells me the journey you've been on in your life,” she says. “I can see all the fun you've had – smoking, drinking, skiing, playing in the sun.”
     Her intuition has always been with her. The technical skills have been developed over more than 30 years of training and education.
     Marian trained in New York, Los Angeles and Europe with leaders in the skin care movement. After completing her training, Marian decided she wanted to bring her skills back home to the arid Southwest, where she would pioneer an approach to healthy skin that was decades ahead of its time.
     A student of the Kneipp Institute, Marian infused herbal and nutritional approaches to helping “her faces,” as she calls them, regain their healthy glow.
     Marian brought her talents to the forefront when she opened The Sterling Institute in Santa Fe in 1984. She incorporated her knowledge of aromatherapy, color therapy and herbal treatments into a total spa experience. It maintained a reputation for quality products and services throughout its 30 years. With her training, many other aestheticians moved on to create their own successful practices.
     Technology has not replaced Marian's emphasis on natural and high-quality ingredients. She uses lines of products that she calls “everybody friendly;” all contain pure ingredients that were developed without animal testing and do not conflict with the special needs of patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or other cancer treatments. (Marian is certified in oncology aesthetics.)
     Marian is now happily practicing with facial plastic surgeon, Lily Love MD, and works in consultation with her to offer a full line of medical and aesthetic treatments to improve the quality of their patients' skin – and outlook on life.

Marian Urban
© Photo by Jennifer Esperanza

“Moving from Los Angeles to Santa Fe was a shock to my skin. Immediately upon arrival, my face and neck began to dry up. The climate was so severe that I suffered from chronic flaking. It seemed that nothing would smooth away the dryness. Fine lines began to form around my eyes, forehead and mouth. My rosacea became more acute.

Thank goodness for The Skin Whisperer who prescribed treatments including laser, microdermabrasion and oxygen facials plus a daily regime that eliminated all of these conditions.

Today I am pleased to say that I have clear, smooth skin free of redness, sun damage and dryness. I'm turning 50 this year and I'm often told that I look 20 years younger!”

—Robin Fisher Roffer,
CEO & Founder Big Fish Marketing