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Make That List and Check it Twice: 3 Non-Invasive Treatments to Get You Ready for the Holidays

Ah, November— the time of Pumpkin Spice everything and the magical power to justify eating everything delicious in front of you. Even though the holidays are full of magic, you know firsthand that magic doesn’t just come naturally— it requires a lot of work on your end. Aka you have to play Santa Claus during […]

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The Benefits of Oxygen Facials

Although social media and marketing campaigns tend to tell us otherwise, there are only a few basic needs that we need for survival— food, oxygen, shelter, water, and yes, maybe even your iPhone. And although oxygen is constantly surrounding us and filling our lungs with every breath we take, our skin tends to not get […]

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3 Fall Makeup Trends to Try

Fall is almost here, and that means pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin dressed door stoops, and most importantly big sweaters and fall makeup trends. With nudes and tan hues maintaining popularity this fall, we have created a list of 3 skincare/makeup trends to try out. Read on to learn more. The Matte Nude Lip […]

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How to Properly Pop a Pimple

Zit, pimple, pustule, blemish, acne— whatever you call them, it’s safe to say that nobody likes to have one. Whether you’re the type of person who picks at their face as soon as they get a blemish or if you just like to let things ride their course, it is good to know the proper […]

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