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How to Properly Pop a Pimple

Zit, pimple, pustule, blemish, acne— whatever you call them, it’s safe to say that nobody likes to have one. Whether you’re the type of person who picks at their face as soon as they get a blemish or if you just like to let things ride their course, it is good to know the proper […]

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The Basics of Body Brushing

Whether you prefer a cheeseburger over kale or a plate of bacon over that green smoothie every morning, there is one thing we all have in common: the desire to live a healthier life. In addition to eating a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep and exercise, there are a few other, all-natural things you […]

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3 Myths About Veins

In this day and age it seems like that as soon as someone reads on the Internet that something is true, then they automatically believe it. However, as many true things that are circulating on the Internet means that there are just that many more myths people are falling for. And although myths about sloths […]

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