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Ultherapy – Skin Lifting with Ultrasound

As we age, our collagen — a structural protein in the body that gives the skin its strength, resilience, and firmness — production begins to slow naturally. Other factors such as sun damage and an unhealthy diet also contribute to decreased collagen production. The result is that the skin begins to sag and becomes more […]

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Spider Veins

Take one look at those thin, red, stringy-looking things on your face and you know why they call them “spider veins,” the way they spread out and resemble spider legs. Sometimes they can be covered with make-up, but when the make-up is off, there they are again. Rub and scrub all you want, but they […]

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Facial Hair Removal

You look in the mirror and you see dark hair growing above your upper lip and a few large hairs sprouting from your chin. And this unwanted hair growth just seems to get worse with age. Marian Urban can solve the problem for you. Marian uses lasers to remove excess hair on the face and […]

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