Fun in the Sun can Give you More Than you Bargained For

acne treatmentThe warm days of summer provide us with ample opportunity to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Faced with scant clothing such as tank tops and swimsuits, people who are prone to acne may feel more concerned than elated at their opportunity to uncover. Summertime does not have to trigger anxiety about body acne. When you know what to do, you can disrobe with confidence.

Break Away from Body Breakouts

Because body acne is often associated with sweat, heat, and humidity, many people think that there is no way to break the cycle. Research has uncovered that body acne, much like facial acne, has numerous factors. These include hormones, family history, and the presence of bacteria on the skin.

Because body acne has many of the same factors as facial acne, we tend to see breakouts occur on areas where oil glands are found. Common areas affected by acne include the back, chest, and shoulders. In addition to oil secretion in the skin, body acne is exacerbated by the friction that occurs when clothing rubs against more iced skin.

Tips for Treating Body Acne

  • Wear light, breathable fabrics.
  • After a workout or activity that causes you to sweat, shower as soon as possible to remove moisture and bacteria from sensitive areas.
  • Trade thick, dense lotions for lighter formulations during the summer months. It may be tempting to dry out your skin to avoid acne, but moisture is a necessity to avoid flaking and, yes, acne. So don’t skip lotion altogether.
  • If you notice breakouts on an area such as your chest, or shoulders, or even your back, wash with facial acne cleanser. It is not uncommon to see improvement by applying and acne preventing cream, as well.
  • If breakouts affect a larger area or become severe, obtain professional treatment.

Prepare your Skin for Prevention

An ounce of prevention goes a long way and preparing or minimizing buddy breakouts during the summer months, especially if you have struggled with this problem in the past. Don’t wait for breakouts to occur, make an appointment at Sterling Aesthetics to discuss the benefits of chemical peels and other treatments to give your skin some TLC.

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