Gear Up Your Body for Spring With Head to Toe Rejuvenation

When springtime comes around it tends to send everyone into a frenzy; not only do you have to spring clean your house and get it sparkling from top to bottom, but you also have to get your body tan and bikini ready because summer is just around the corner. As one of the best ways to spring clean your body, however, Sterling Aesthetics offers a Head to Toe Rejuvenation technique that will help you look and feel more revitalized than ever before. Read on to learn more.

Lymph Body Brushing

Head-to-Toe RejuvenationHave you ever heard of or tried body brushing? As one of the most natural and effective ways to improve your body’s overall circulation and get rid of dead skin, body brushing is great for just about anyone to try. Plus, body brushing can also help to strengthen the immune system, tone and tighten your body, and even help digestive issues. During your Head to Toe Rejuvenation treatment, one of our aestheticians will perform the body brushing on you but will also teach you how to do it on your own so that you can get into the practice of body brushing at home.

Kneipp Herbal Lotion Application

Once your body brushing is over with, one of our aestheticians will apply a Kneipp herbal lotion and body wrap across your body. Having been around for over 100 years, Kneipp body lotion is proven to help relax and rejuvenate patient’s skin. Additionally, by being used with a body wrap, you can help to ensure that your skin stays as smooth possible.

Customized Facial

Do you suffer from dry skin, oily skin, or normal skin? With one of Sterling Aesthetic’s customized facials, our aestheticians can help to treat your problem skin area in order to get your skin looking and feeling balance, hydrated, and as healthy as possible. Plus, as one of the perfect ways to relax after a long day, a customized facial will help you feel ready to take on spring in a whole new way.

Preparing your body for spring doesn’t have to be all about dieting and exercise. In fact, by getting one of Sterling Aesthetics Head to Toe Rejuvenation procedures, you can help to promote healthy skin that will be worth showing off to all of your friends this spring. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!

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