Fight Wrinkles & Lines with JUVÉDERM®

The march of time stops for no one. Unfortunately, neither do the effects that aging has on your face: wrinkles, fine lines, loss of volume, and facial folds. JUVÉDERM® is a facial filler used at Sterling Aesthetics in Santa Fe to improve the appearance of moderate to severe facial aging issues such as nasolabial folds, without the need for surgery.

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What is JUVÉDERM®?

JUVÉDERM® is a smooth-consistency gel that provides natural-looking, long-lasting results. It is made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occuring substance in the body that draws water to the injection site, restoring facial volume and eliminating lines and wrinkles. JUVÉDERM® is also effective for lip enhancement. And because hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, there aren’t issues with patients’ bodies rejecting or reacting adversely to JUVÉDERM®.

What other areas can JUVÉDERM® treat?

During your initial consultation with Dr. Love, you will discuss your goals and the two of you will go through the procedure and areas of the face that will be addressed. Specifically, JUVÉDERM® is most effective on nasolabial folds (the lines that run from the nose down to the mouth) and marionette lines (the downward creases on the corners of the mouth). It can also be used to restore volume to hollow cheeks and to return contour to the jawline. JUVÉDERM® works best on “static” lines, or the lines that can be noticed even when the face is still. This is in contrast to lines, such as crow’s feet, that form when we perform an action such as squinting. BOTOX® is more effective on those lines.

What can I expect during my JUVÉDERM® treatment?

During your session, JUVÉDERM® is injected into the areas to be treated with a very fine needle. Most of our patients report minimal discomfort. The entire procedure is quick, lasting only 15 to 30 minutes, depending upon the area to be treated.

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When will I see the results of my JUVÉDERM® treatment?

Results of your JUVÉDERM® session can be seen immediately. However, results can vary from patient to patient. Some patients require only a single session to achieve desired outcomes, while “touch-up” treatments may be recommended for others to achieve or maintain the results that they want. JUVÉDERM® results will last up to a full year.

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