Laser Hair Removal for Men

When we typically think of laser hair removal, the image of women with smoother legs and arms comes to mind. However, laser hair removal has started to gain equal popularity among the male population. From having an extra hairy back to just wanting to live a hair free lifestyle, many men are seeking out laser hair removal as a treatment option. Read on to learn more.

Unwanted Body Hair
Laser Hair RemovalSome men suffer from having more hair on their backs and abdomen than they do on their heads themselves— leaving them feeling a bit more self conscious without a shirt on for days at the beach and the pool. If you are one of these men and are constantly either having to get your body waxed or shaved before you even dare to be spotted in a swimsuit, then it might be time to consider laser hair removal. During the laser hair removal process, small laser beams will target individual hair follicles killing them off. Described similarly to rubber bands smacking your skin, laser hair removal can be uncomfortable but bearable at the same time.

Depending on where your hair is located, your skin color, and how well your body responds to the treatment, you will likely have to undergo anywhere from 5-10 treatment sessions. However, the exact amount will be determined by you and your medical aesthetician.

Unwanted Facial Hair
Do you suffer from constant ingrown neck hairs and razor burn that causes things like every day shaving to be more than painful? Did you know that you can get laser hair removal on your neck and face? By using the same style of laser for your body, laser hair removal for your face is considered a miracle worker amount aestheticians and patients alike.

Laser hair removal for men is nothing to be self conscious about. Used to treat both unwanted body and facial hair, laser hair removal is a great tool designed to give you both the confidence and comfort you need. To learn more about the benefits of laser hair removal or to schedule an appointment with one of our medical aestheticians, contact our office today!

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