Modern Skin Treatments Can Help You Regain Your Youthful Looks

eyelidSigns of aging often first appear on a person’s skin, but modern skin-care treatments can make it easier to stave them off for quite a few years to come. At Sterling Aesthetics, we provide a complete range of skin care solutions that are effective for most skin problems. Our team of skin care experts will guide you in the right direction by providing the most suitable solutions to give you the glowing skin and youthful look that you’ve been striving for. With extensive experience in the field of skin care and repair, we specialize in caring for damaged skin and bringing it back to a healthy state.

Here are some reasons why our patients choose us for their skin care treatment:

  • We provide personalized skin care solutions for each patient
  • Our team has extensive experience in the skin care field
  • We use modern equipment and advanced skin care techniques
  • Our team stays updated with the latest in skin care treatment through ongoing training

Get Advanced Skin Care at an Elegant Facility

When it comes to skin care and skin treatment, our patients’ comfort is top priority. Our team is highly experienced and we use modern skin care methods to ensure our patients receive the best available skin care treatment. From laser treatments to oxygen facials, we use the latest technology available and make sure our patients benefit from our expertise and knowhow.

Our team will sit down with you to discuss your skin related problems before recommending the most suitable course of treatment for you. From medical to non-medical treatments, you can get it all at our skin treatment clinic. Some of the skin care treatments that we offer include:

  • Chemical peels for treating fine wrinkles and scarring
  • Laser treatment for revitalizing skin and boosting collagen production
  • Botox injections for removing wrinkles and fine lines
  • Oxygen treatment for a healthier and rejuvenated skin

Skin Rejuvenation can make you feel like a New Person

The health of your skin is often an indication of your overall health as well as your mental and emotional well-being. At Sterling Aesthetics, we understand the importance of having healthy skin, which is why we offer specialized treatment procedures like Head-to-Toe Rejuvenation, Oxygen Treatments, and LED & Microcurrent treatments. These treatments use the latest in skin care technology and innovative techniques that can help you to achieve a healthy skin tone and glowing complexion. Our team of skin care specialists will talk to you at length about what to expect from your skin care treatment, and guide you in the right direction to ensure you get the results you’re looking for. Here are some of the results you can expect from these treatments:

  • Smoother, glowing skin
  • Reduction in acne scars
  • Improvement in skin affected by sun damage
  • Better moisturized and hydrated skin

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