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Rejuvenate Your Skin

skin rejuventation oxygen treatment santa fe nmWant a to-go treatment that will instantly enhance, soothe and rejuvenate your skin? A new approach to skin rejuvenation — the ECHO2 Oxygen Treatment — uses pure oxygen combined with antioxidant vitamins and minerals to reduce skin impurities and leave the skin with a healthier balance.

What is oxygen treatment?

In an oxygen treatment, also known as an oxygen facial, pure oxygen is combined with antioxidant vitamins and minerals and delivered at high pressure onto the face. An oxygen facial is designed to plump and smooth the skin immediately.  Oxygen facials deliver results in just minutes.

What can I expect from the results of my oxygen treatment?

The result of an oxygen facial is moisturized, hydrated skin that has a smooth, flawless surface. By targeting the deep dermal layer of the skin where new skin cells form and eventually rise to the surface, the ECHO2 Oxygen Treatment places over 180,000,000 oxygen molecules per second into this critical area. Here, the oxygen molecules attach themselves to the red blood cells, as well as the collagen and elastin fibers to stimulate production of healthy new cells and to increase the strength and suppleness of the skin.

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