Protect your Neck from the Signs of Aging

Injectable FillersFor good reason, the signs of aging seem to be most concerning when they form around the eyes, nose, cheeks, and mouth. Sagging jowls, drooping brows, and downturned corners of the mouth can be problems that cause you to look older than you are – and worse than you feel. We enjoy helping our patients refresh their facial esthetic using proven non-surgical solutions that range from injectibles to microcurrent therapy. In addition to treating facial skin, we recognize the importance of also pampering the delicate skin on the neck.

Keeping it Real

Let’s be honest, most of us look beyond a person’s face to gain information about their age. It’s not so much that we are consciously looking for flaws; the brain inherently seeks clues about others without being told to do so. We just accept it for what it is, and we use this knowledge to help our patients avoid the pitfalls of skin rejuvenation. Taking care of the skin on the neck does not need to be complicated. Home care may steps such as:

  • Washing the skin on the neck is just as important as cleansing facial skin. This area is delicate and should be handled with care. If you use a brush, gentle motion will keep debris and oil from collecting, making fine lines more noticeable.
  • Exfoliating the skin on the neck is necessary to expedite cellular turnover. Without it, old, damaged skin cells can accumulate on the surface. There are a few choices in exfoliation for neck skin. On a daily basis, a gentle acid like glycolic acid can be applied, usually before bed. Periodic chemical peels or other resurfacing treatments are also beneficial. Often, they can exfoliate old cells and also promote collagen production.
  • Collagen plays an integral role in the maintenance of youthful-looking skin. The fibrous strands of protein that run beneath the surface need a little help as the body ages. Frayed strands cannot support the skin, which results in wrinkling and sagging. To promote collagen production on an ongoing basis, schedule microneedling, chemical peels, or other gentle treatments.

It is not only the facial skin that gives away age. At Sterling Aesthetics, you can discover how Botox, dermal fillers, and other gentle procedures can refresh you from the neck up! Call (505) 428-0402 for care to pamper your neck.

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