Sagging Brow? See How Microcurrent can Help!

non-surgical brow liftIt is not only the skin around the eyes that can give away age, but also the positioning of the brow above the eyes. Men’s brows tend to be straighter, with hair that touches the upper rim of the orbital bone. Women’s brows are arched, and will sit slightly higher, as much as a centimeter above the bony ridge. One of the consequences of age is a dramatic shift, or drop, in the position of the brows.

Brows that sit too low on the forehead have a compounded effect on general appearance. The eyelid skin is not hefty enough to support a brow that is being pulled downward, so it will become heavy. The heavier the upper lids become, and the lower the brow, the angrier, tired, or unfriendly a person may seem. If you are concerned about a sagging brow, you have several options to consider.

Plastic surgery may quickly improve the appearance of the eyes. However, many people today are interested in non-surgical solutions. For a drooping brow, Botox has been identified as an excellent method of lifting. However, innovative technology like microcurrent is achieving impressive results without incisions, without injections, and without downtime.

Explaining the Microcurrent Facial

Microcurrent technology operates on the basis of complementing the body’s natural electrical charges.  By mimicking the natural bio-electrical field in the muscles of the body, this technology can actually give new life to these structures. It does so by encouraging the spindle cell fibers of the muscle to be more active, and it does this by facilitating more energy (ATP) into them.

The face is comprised of over 30 muscles. Microcurrent can provide the stimulation they need to “wake up” and function with more youthful energy. This may seem counterintuitive when you consider that the issues around the eyes are typically caused by overly contracted muscles. What we really want is for the muscles to relax, right? Not necessarily.

Typically, the non-surgical brow lift involves Botox, which inhibits muscle movement. Microcurrent does the opposite, but in a very advantageous way. During each treatment, the low-level electrical current reminds the sagging brow where it is supposed to be; where it was before gravity took a toll. The reactivation of this muscle memory results in a more vibrant, more open appearance.

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