Spider Vein Removal and The Benefits of Laser

Laser Vein Treatment Santa Fe, NMHaving a smooth complexion is something everyone wants— especially when it comes to the skin on their legs. However, if you didn’t draw the right cards and suffer from spider veins, you know just how uncomfortable and painful they can be— not to mention that they make you feel self-conscious. Luckily, there are a variety of different treatments that can be performed to help you get rid of these nuisances once and for all.

Two of the most popular vein treatments are sclerotherapy and laser, which boasts the question, “Which vein treatment is better?” Here at Sterling Aesthetics, we provide laser vein treatment to our patients to get rid of their spider veins and here’s why.

  • You Can Treat Small Veins: During sclerotherapy, a saline solution (or something comparable) is injected directly into the veins which in turn causes them to collapse. Sometimes spider veins are too small to be injected, but with the laser, small simply isn’t a thing.
  • They’re On Your Face: If you have spider veins on your face, there is no better way to get rid of them than with laser. Because it’s precise and causes minimal scarring, a laser is often considered to be the most effective option.
  • You Suffer from Telangiectatic Matting: Telangiectatic Matting is a condition that causes patches of tiny blood vessels across the skin. If you do have this condition, it’s better treated with laser.
  • You’re Scared of Needles: A fear of needles may sound a bit elementary, but it’s a real thing. Sometimes a fear of needles can throw patients into a panic attack or make them lose sleep. Luckily, laser vein treatment doesn’t involve any needles so that you can rest easy.

Depending on the size and location of your varicose veins, the laser may or may not be the best option. Schedule your consultation with our Santa Fe office today!

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