Moving from Los Angeles to Santa Fe was a shock to my skin. Immediately upon arrival, my face and neck began to dry up. The climate was so severe that I suffered from chronic flaking. It seemed that nothing would smooth away the dryness. Fine lines began to form around my eyes, forehead and mouth. My rosacea became more acute.

Thank goodness for The Skin Whisperer who prescribed treatments including laser, microdermabrasion and oxygen facials plus a daily regime that eliminated all of these conditions.

Today I am pleased to say that I have clear, smooth skin free of redness, sun damage and dryness. I’m turning 50 this year and I’m often told that I look 20 years younger!

– Robin Fisher Roffer, CEO & Founder Big Fish Marketing

I thought aestheticians were just for ladies and teenage girls but was I wrong. My cousin referred me to Marian and she performed wonders on treating my acne and acne scars!

I would highly recommend Sterling Aesthetics to teens, especially males and people who struggle with acne. I feel better about myself and have more confidence in the public with my clear skin.

– Brandon Gallegos

I’ve now had four laser treatments with Marian. The change was immediate. It was enough that friends who saw me frequently started commenting about how good my skin was looking. They asked if I was getting extra sleep. And as nice as it is to not see brown spots and fine lines, it is also great to have that extra confidence. It feels like I just got a boost in life.

– Mary Sweitzer, Santa Fe

As a child growing up in the desert, before the wisdom of sunscreen, my face burned and peeled every summer. Add the rigors of middle age, and I was a walking dermatology clinic – scars, brown spots, wrinkles.

Marian to the rescue! She’s given me the clear, beautiful skin I was born with (almost). She knew what lasers and products would best undo the damage caused by 50 years in the sun. She showed a quiet confidence and gentle humor, talking to me through each process. Nothing ever hurt, and by the next day, you couldn’t tell I’d had a treatment.

I appreciated that Marian spent time with me to discuss options and could be specific about how much it would cost. I’m telling all of my friends about her!

– Kay BirdWriter, Santa Fe , New Mexico





46, Graphic Designer and Single Mom
Motive: Wanting to look and feel good as she enters the dating scene; maintaining a youthful glow in a workplace full of younger colleagues


57, Service Manager and Grandmother
Motive: Empty nester starting a new phase in life and looking to maintain her appearance.


42, Server
Motive: Looking to put her best face forward to customers without having to take time off from work.