The Wrath of Winter Skin: Try Oxygen Treatments

WinterThings like holiday travel and standing in line outside to see Santa in the cold can leave your skin feeling less than clean. If you have noticed that the winter air has started to damage your skin already this season, it might be time to take matters into your own hands and add a new thing to your skincare routine: oxygen treatments.

What are oxygen treatments?

If you’re not familiar with oxygen treatments you might think, “My skin gets oxygen everyday from the air around me.” And although, yes, that is in fact true. Oxygen treatments are designed to give you skin an amount of targeted oxygen that it otherwise wouldn’t receive. Through utilizing

The Echo2 system is a skin treatment system that facilitates the nourishment of the skin by allowing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and oxygen to hydrate the skin in a unique manner. ECHO2 treatment itself stands for exfoliation, cleansing, hydration, and oxygen which each and every patient will receive during their treatment session.

What are the benefits of oxygen treatments?

It should be known that oxygen skincare treatments are not facials, but they do provide the face with skin cleansing and toning. By removing the dead skin through the exfoliation step, cleansing it, hydrating it, and then giving your skin a cool burst of oxygen, vitamins, and minerals, your skin will not only be cleaner than ever before but you will notice benefits such as smoother skin, tighter skin, and a more even looking complexion.

Is it dangerous?

Having been around since the 1990’s, the ECHO2 oxygen system is nothing to be worried about. By using all natural vitamins, minerals, and yes, even oxygen, there are no harmful chemicals involved in the process and you will not have to experience any recovery time.

If this winter has gotten your skin down and it needs an extra boost of oxygen and hydration, it’s time to consider getting the ECHO2 skin treatment.

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