The Top 3 Best Lips In Hollywood

lip injectionsWhen it comes to having the best and sexiest looking lips out there, nobody quite beats the lips of Hollywood celebrities. If you have been dying to up your look and your sex appeal by getting lip injections done by Sterling Aesthetics, consider following in the footsteps of the individuals listed below for some inspiration. From Kylie Jenner’s plump pout to Courteney Cox’s subtle lift, this article will list three of the best lips in Hollywood.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner took the Internet by storm a few years ago when she started to look noticeably different. And although she first denied claims of having her lips done— claiming it was all lip liner— she later admitted to having fillers done in order to give her a sexier pout. And as one of Instagram and Snapchat’s most famous celebrities to follow, Kylie Jenner’s large, luscious lips are something that girls everywhere are coveting. By getting both upper and lower lip injections, from Sterling Aesthetics, you can help to achieve this look.

Lindsay Lohan
Although this celebrity is more infamous for her legal antics a few years ago, Lindsay Lohan plumped up her lips in order to give her a bit more of a mature look compared to her Parent Trap self. By getting mostly upper lip injections, Lindsay Lohan’s look is more natural looking than other celebrities and is the kind of look many women desire to obtain.

Courtney Cox
This famous 90’s TV star lived all natural until she hit her 40’s and started starring in the hit TV series, Cougar Town. Then she decided to get a little bit of Botox on her upper lip along with some lip fillers as well. As a more subtle look than that of Miss Jenner’s, Courtney Cox’s lip injections are primarily on the top and have an upturned look that many women envy. More noticeably, you can tell that Courteney Cox has had a lot of Botox done and maybe even a face lift.

If you are looking to get your lips done by Sterling Aesthetics and aren’t sure what look you are going for, look at the above celebrities for some inspiration. To learn more about lip injections or to schedule an appointment, contact Sterling Aesthetics today!

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