The Truth Behind Those Spider Veins

spider veins If you are like most people, you get repulsed by even the smallest spider infestation in your home, and you may even yell out a large scream when you see one crawling near you. And, if you have spider veins, you might have a similar reaction to spotting these tiny veins across your body. Appearing as spider legs across your legs, face, chest, and arms, spider veins appear in different colors including blue, red, and purple. If you have spider veins or are starting to notice the arrival of spider veins, read on to learn more.

How are they caused?
Spider veins are veins that are primarily caused by hormones due to things such as puberty, pregnancy, the consumption of hormone induced birth control, and even menopause. Primarily affecting women, spider veins can also be linked to genetics— meaning that if your mother has spider veins, then you might get them as well.

How are they treated?
There are several ways in which spider veins can be treated or even removed in order to give you back a smoother looking complexion.

  • Compression Stockings: As one of the first forms of treatment that we recommend at Sterling Aesthetics, compression stockings are used to help with the blood flow to the veins if you suffer from spider veins on your legs and feet.
  • Wait It Out: If you are pregnant or going through hormonal changes and just started getting things like spider veins, you have the option to just wait it out and see if they will go away after your hormones die down.
  • Laser Treatment: As the most effective and aggressive way to get rid of spider veins, we at Sterling Aesthetics offer patients laser treatment. By closing the vein and preventing blood flow, laser treatment will get rid of your spider veins for good!

If you suffer from spider veins and would like to learn more about different treatment options, contact Sterling Aesthetics today!

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