Ultherapy – Skin Lifting with Ultrasound

DermaFuzeAs we age, our collagen — a structural protein in the body that gives the skin its strength, resilience, and firmness — production begins to slow naturally. Other factors such as sun damage and an unhealthy diet also contribute to decreased collagen production. The result is that the skin begins to sag and becomes more prone to wrinkles and creases.

There are various procedures available that claim to simulate collagen production in the body, but they are either not very effective or have risks involved with them. Ultherapy is a new advanced method of skin lifting and collagen stimulation that has proven successful in enhancing the appearance of the skin on the face and neck.

At Sterling Aesthetics, we offer Ultherapy for lifting the skin of your chin, neck, and brow. This skin lifting procedure is non-invasive and makes use of targeted ultrasound waves to stimulate the collagen present in the skin. Ultherapy is an extremely safe and painless outpatient procedure. It requires no recovery time and your results start showing themselves in a few weeks’ time.

Do something about your aging skin without surgery. Come to Sterling Aesthetics for an Ultherapy procedure today.

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